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Hi there, this is my first critique so if I'm unfair or doing it wrong, let me know! Also: I'm not a native english speaker, so there m...


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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Hi there, I'm a 21 y/o 'Artist'.
I live in Germany and am currently working on improving my art style and skills. I am also in a early stage of developing a Graphic Novel/Webcomic called 'Hunger'.
My (current) artstyle is a comicesque kinda thingy that consists of often heavy and irregular lineworks, mostly without added color. I love to ink with my Farbercastel Pitt Artist Pens, normal Finliners or if I feel really fancy: actuall artist ink and a qill ^-^*
I love a mix between (sadly, cheap) watercolors and colored pencils for coloring, or reline my artworks digital and work from there.
Digital Stuff is done with Krita and my Wacom Intuos S, wich is a nice combo for me personally ^-^
If you want to give me tips or criticism on my drawings it is so very appreciated, please just remember to keep it constructive 'n stuff, so I know what to improve ♡

ALSO: If I criticise some of your work or give you a hint, it is not because it looks bad or smth! I most often see so much talent in you and hope to see you improve in the right direction!

My old acc was Junikaefer btw. (now deactivated)

My artschool teacher told us at the first day of class, that the dedication you show to your art and the improvement of it is the measure of you as an student as well as your grade.
I think that is really fair and true as well, no matter if you have put out decent pieces five years ago and draw like sakimichan, the digital art goddess herself, today (hope got her name right!) or you couldn't draw a straight line some years ago and can draw people/anthros/animals with a nice anatomy and linework today. You made the effort and kept going. That is awesome!

I don't think bad of you, when you don't care to improve, maybe art is just a funny hobby and DA your place for bonding with people. You don't need high end art then, but always keep in mind that you could draw as good as your favorite artists someday. Try to make your hobby a passion, that's all what I want to say if that's the case for you ♡
This is rant mostly directed at the peeps who aim to do their artsy stuff professionally!

Talent is subjective and no one is born a art pro, you have to work hard and fricking long if you want to be  as good as the amazing artists you admire so much. They didn't start yesterday as well!
Also, no matter where you stand in your art journey, what really counts is the way you've been already gone.
I am proud of you and everyone should!

This is a 'thank you' as well as a shoutout to all of you who hate their art. Don't just try to look where you stand now, remember where you were a week, month or year ago!
You are awesome, keep going!

Lot's of love,



Okay and now a quick thank you: over 30 awesome and talented people are watching me now and I am each and everyone of you so thankfull for that. I just wanted to thank you for every watch, like, comment and all of your llamas ^-^ (although I really don't know what I'm supposed to do with them, but they're really cute so thanks a lot)



Hi there, this is my first critique so if I'm unfair or doing it wrong, let me know!
Also: I'm not a native english speaker, so there may be grammar and spelling mistakes - sorry!

By the way, I chose not only to rate this piece, but also your improvement and dedication to your art. You are one year on DA, but your first piece was submitted on April of this year. Since then you improved incredibly fast and put out 100 digital artworks at least. That is why I chose to rate Technique and Impact each a 1/2 star better than I would normally.

Vision: If I look at your this work I don't really see a 'deep' meaning. That's not really a bad thing, not every artwork needs to make you question your life. You've drawn a very cute doggo/fursona and that NEEDs to be appreciated because doggos need to be appreciated in general.

Originality: I gave you 3 stars on that, because despite being good executed and me wanting to cuddle him/her the originality is the weak point of this artwork. I often see art like this and despite being well made, I couldn't tell if this were your artwork or done by a other artist with a similar style. That is not a bad thing - again - but I think if you would chose a different approach for your art - like more realism instead of comic influences I think this work would be more interesting and more memorable.

Technique: I love the shape and the detailed fur of the outlines, especially on the neck and face! But the execution of the lining itself is a bit messy over all. If you look at his/her paws the lining is irregular and the left one on the back doesn't really look natural if compared to the one next to it. Same with the left one in front.
While the coloring is good okay over all, I have to say that the colored parts of the fur looks off. I would have loved to see more details on the orange/black and grey parts. It looks too flat if compared to the furry outlines. You can see that very well on his/her tail.
I also want to mention, that the colors you used for the shading and the technique are wonderful and very refreshing too see on DA. You used flat shading and also a more reddish color for the shaded parts. That is awesome when working with your style! Maybe try working with a tiny little bit of blending and sharper edges for your shadows. I think that would look good too.

Impact: What do I have to say? Hella cute doggo, I want to cuddle him/her and tell them she/he is a good boy/girl. Your artwork looks well without very prominent mistakes and your learning process was amazingly fast. Despite this artwork isn't thaaat original you deserve 5 stars for Impact.

My final words and a bit of advise: You are obviously very talented, but I would like to see you trying different styles and keep practicing humans and anthros. You learned drawing animals very fast, so I think you could improve that too in a record time. You seem very dedicated and eager to improve so I think you will do that anyway :D

Hope this was fair and I wish you nice holidays!
Hey there! Not feeling my best today and hadn't had the (daylight) time to photograph new sketches properly...
There was much to do for my personal well being today, so I hope you don't mind that I just post some photographys I am really proud of.
I'm still not really comfortable with my digital sketches right now, I'm still learning and evolving. I want to present you the best results I can get with my current skill, but this stuff I made just sucks. Sorry.

I hope you all had a great day despie me being such a grunt ♡

lots of love - mel


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